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The Company Diversificator Online Limited actually formed discreetly, quietly and logically within a small team of online entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are sane people and therefore, sooner or later, realize that the earned money does not need to be stored under the pillow, but invested. Along the investment activity, especially the first failures and losses, comes the understanding that it is n tot good decision to put all the funds to one sphere. Investmets should be distributed, thereby diversifying the risks.And so in 2014 Diversificator project appeared. But he worked the first 3 years, with neither your site nor clear rules, so to speak «on a napkin» for a small partnership.And now, after 3 years of one of the teams suddenly, quite unexpectedly came up with brilliant idea! Why not to «pack» our child in a public platform for investment? After all, if we have a long time to successfully multiply our money by making ivestment process more simple, clear, profitable and safe, then other people would be happy to invest under this scheme! It remains only to give a «hard shell» system and create conditions and proposal.Now Diversificator has not only a full-fledged weblatform for investment, but also all the legal permits to legally conduct of investment activities. — See more at:
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Min — $10Max — $ 10.000
-We accept: Perfect Money / Bitcoin / Payeer/ ADV Cash / YanDex Money-Dedicated DDoS protected Server -Hosting provider: Genius Security
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-Referral commission: 12% — 3% — 1%-Unique design-Manual Withdraw
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